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What is the photo requirement for SAT?

Understanding the SAT photo requirement –

Acceptable Photo Checklist – SAT

You can use recent photos—like your school picture or your passport photos—or you can take a new one. You can also link to Facebook to add a photo (you’ll be able to crop it). Just make sure that they meet all the requirements:

  • You are easy to recognize.
  • You are the only one in the picture.
  • There is a head-and-shoulders view, with your entire face, both eyes, and hair clearly visible; head coverings worn for religious purposes are allowed.
  • You are in clear and in focus
  • There are no dark spots or shadows
  • Black-and-white photos are acceptable

Getting a message that your upload was successful does not mean that your photo meets all requirements. It only means that it’s the correct file type and size.

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