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LSAT Prep Classes Bangalore


The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) is a half-day standardized test administered four times each year at designated testing centers throughout the world. Administered by the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) for prospective law school candidates, the LSAT test is designed to assess reading comprehension, logical, and verbal reasoning proficiency. The test is an integral part of the law school admission process in the United States, Canada (common law programs only), the University of Melbourne, Australia, and a growing number of other countries. An applicant cannot take the LSAT test more than three times within a two-year period.

LSAT Test Format:

The LSAT consists of five 35-minute multiple choice sections (one of which is an unscored experimental section) followed by an unscored writing sample section. Modern tests have 99–102 scored items in total. Several different test forms are used within an administration, each presenting the multiple choice sections in different orders, which is intended to make it difficult to cheat or to guess which is the experimental section.

  •  Logical reasoning (The LSAT contains two logical reasoning (“LR”) sections, commonly known as “arguments”, designed to test the taker’s ability to dissect and analyze arguments. LR sections each contain 24–26 questions.)
  • Reading comprehension (The LSAT contains one reading comprehension (“RC”) section consisting of four passages of 400–500 words, and 5–8 questions relating to each passage. Complete sections contain 26–28 questions.)
  • Analytical reasoning (The current LSAT contains one analytical reasoning section, which is referred to colloquially as the “logic games (LG)” or “LSAT Games” section. One section contains four “games” falling into a number of categories including grouping, matching, and ordering of elements. Each LG section has 22–24 questions.)
  • Unscored Variable section (The current test contains one experimental section which Law Services refers to as the “Variable section”. It is used to test new questions for future exams. The performance of the examinee on this section is not reported as part of the final score.)
  • Writing sample (The writing sample appears as the final section of the exam. The writing sample is presented in the form of a decision prompt, which provides the examinee with a problem and two criteria for making a decision. The examinee must then write an essay favoring one of the two options over the other. The decision prompt generally does not involve a controversial subject, but rather something mundane about which the examinee likely has no strong bias. While there is no “right” or “wrong” answer to the writing prompt, it is important that the examinee argues for his/her chosen position and also argues against the counter-position.)


Crack the LSAT Test with NLSIU, NALSAR Grads & Ivy Leaguers

Ivy Aspire has helped many students to crack the LSAT and secure admissions in top colleges like Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Chicago, NUS and many more, and help choose careers in intellectual property rights, corporate counsel, litigation, journalism, research and entrepreneurship activities in global cities.


The Ivy Aspire Difference!

  • Small size batches with less than 10 students, ensuring personalized coaching
  • LSAT Course study materials developed and updated by NLS and NALSAR grads
  • LSAT Practice Tests, Sample Questions to help prepare well
  • Timely tests and share progress reports
  • Interactive sessions
  • Faculty members trained by NLS and NALSAR grads
  • Diagnostic test to understand each student’s weaknesses – graded by our NLS trained faculty, this is analyzed to ensure each student’s strengths and weaknesses are mapped. The course is customized with rigorous work to improve one’s weaknesses
  • Fully customized study plan and homework to help each student work on weaknesses, and convert them into strengths!
  • Innovative class structure :
    • Concept Teaching – We make sure your basics are strong, to better tackle the tougher questions. This will help you in your schoolwork as well!
    • Strategy for the LSAT – We teach you tips and tricks to finish faster and get top LSAT Scores!
    • In-class practice – We ensure your doubts are cleared immediately by our top-scoring faculty!
  • 70+ hours of class room sessions, including 5 full length official practice tests

Accelerated courses, and customized one-on-one courses are also offered. Do contact us for more information on those. We are the Best LSAT Prep Classes in Bangalore!


Our NLSIU and NALSAR alumni board members

  • Mr.Sandeep Oberoi (NLSIU grad, O’Melveny & Myers LLP employee)
  • Mr.Sunil Kumar Mathangi (NLSIU grad, Founder Sarva Solutions Outsourcing Pvt. Ltd)
  • Ms.Bharathi A (NALSAR grad, Co-Founder Sarva Solutions Outsourcing Pvt. Ltd)
  • Mr.Chandrasen B Rao  (Former Supreme Court Lawyer, currently practicing at Karnataka High Court)