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Why should I choose Ivy Aspire for my MBA Counseling Services?

MBA – Counseling Service


Ivy Aspire is India’s first complete college preparation program. Ivy Aspire is founded by Shaista Baljee, an alumnus of ISB (Indian School of Business, Hyderabad) and Wharton (University of Pennsylvania, USA) to provide end-to-end education counseling services to aspiring candidates of higher education.

Since we have ourselves studied abroad at the Ivy Leagues, worked in college admissions committees, and most importantly helped thousands of students get in to their dream school – we are proud that we are the leading quality-focused counseling institution in India.

3 important questions to ask before you choose a counselor and trust them with your career and future
1. Have you studied at a TOP 10 MBA worldwide?
2. Have you served on any admissions committees?
3. Have you interviewed students for acceptance to MBAs?

Ivy Aspire is the only counseling firm in India that can proudly say YES to all the questions above. This is what makes us unique in the industry. Please visit our website for Video Testimonials