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Bangalore, India.

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About Ivy Aspire

Ivy Aspire was founded by Shaista Baljee, an alumnus of Indian School of Business, Hyderabad and the University of Pennsylvania, USA

Ivy Aspire® has developed a rigorous testing practice – our GMAT, GRE and SAT classes are second to none, using proprietary materials, small class sizes and excellent faculty. The results speak for themselves!

Since we have ourselves studied abroad at the Ivy Leagues, worked in college admissions committees, and most importantly helped thousands of students get in to their dream school – we are proud that we are the leading quality-focused counseling institution in India.

So, whether you are looking at doing an undergraduate degree, a master’s, an MBA, or a doctorate, Ivy Aspire® is well placed to help you Maximize Your Potential!

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Meet the founders

Shaista Baljee

  • MBA: Indian School of Business (Hyderabad)
  • Undergrad: University of Pennsylvania, studied psychology and education
  • Wharton: Marketing
  • Annenberg School of Communication: Communication

Shaista is an expert and trained professional in Education, Psychology and Languages. Prior to founding Ivy Aspire, she worked at various consulting firms, accumulating a rich network of colleagues, many of whom serve on the advisory board.

While studying for her SAT, SAT II, GMAT and other standardized tests, she felt the quality of instructors she met was not very good – many of them hadn’t taken the tests or applied to universities. She also couldn’t find a counselor with the right credentials, someone who had attended a university abroad (preferably been to an IVY league institution) or understood what makes a great application.

Shaista been very active on the admissions committees of various top colleges, giving her an insiders perspective to not only the life at a top tier institution but also the application criterion, the things admissions counselors looks for and having interviewed students for acceptance she has unparalleled ability to train an applicant to wow them in this process.

Shaista has also served as a Peer Manager and Mentor at the University of Pennsylvania, which gives her a unique insight into college life, and the stresses and strains of living abroad. She has used this experience to help many a student maximize his or her potential, and also helped parents help their children as well!

Connect with Shaista

keshav baljee

Keshav Baljee

  • MBA: Indian School of Business (Hyderabad)
    (Also accepted to Columbia Business School and IIM-B (all 3 schools he applied to)
  • Undergrad: Jerome Fisher Program in Management & Technology at the University of Pennsylvania. One of 40 students accepted globally to a dual degree program
  • Finance at the Wharton School
  • Computer Engineering at the School of Engineering & Applied Science

Keshav worked with Lehman Brothers and UBS as an investment banker in the USA, before returning to India to attend ISB. Keshav chose ISB over Columbia Business School and IIM-Bangalore, the only two other schools he applied to – a 100% success record.

At ISB, Keshav was on the dean’s list, and also was nominated amongst 420 students to lead the Academic Affairs Council. He was also elected to the Graduate Student Board.

At Wharton, Keshav received offers from all top firms he applied to – Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, Lazard, UBS and Deloitte, amongst others. His interviewing and resume creation skills are outstanding, as is evident from his 100% success record.

Keshav is a co-Promoter of BSE/NSE listed Royal Orchid Hotels, one of India’s fastest growing hotel chains, with 12 hotels in 6 cities. He has been featured prominently in various business periodicals – Business India, Economic Times, Business Standard, NDTV Profit, and others.

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