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Score High on the ACT Test with Ivy Aspire

Ivy Aspire students are taught to achieve consistently high scores on the ACT Test. A few of our students scored  35/36 on the recent April 2017 and December 2016 tests. We have an average score of 32/36 on the ACT.  This high ACT score help students get into very selective universities, such as the Ivy Leagues and also earn scholarships at top colleges.

Ivy League Universities

Average ACT Score (Middle 50%)

Harvard University32-35
Princeton University31-35
Yale University31-35
University of Pennsylvania30-34
Dartmouth College30-34
Brown University29-34
Columbia University32-35
Cornell University30-33

The ACT is now widely accepted by colleges and universities across the United States, and it can be a great option for students interested in an alternative to the SAT Reasoning Test. As the ACT’s popularity has grown, we have made ACT test-prep an increasingly central part of our private tutoring program here at Ivy Aspire. Our tutors are experts in the ins and outs of the ACT Test, and have years of experience guiding students through the ACT test prep process, both in one-on-one tutoring and group classes.


Step 1: We  begin the course with a diagnostic test based on which we will evaluate the students’ strengths and weaknesses and give them a study plan and our ACT Test Prep materials

Step 2: Next is the instruction part of the course which is divided into:

  • CONCEPT TEACHING (learn concepts which are required for the ACT)
  • ACT INSIGHTS (proven strategies, shortcuts and tricks to crack the ACT)
  • ACT CLINICS (practice to make concepts and strategies concrete + learn time management skills)

Step 3: Progress report – we will administer tests is individual ACT sections ( i.e. Reading, Writing, Math & Science) to see the progress students have made and work on weaknesses with more practice

Step 4:  We will then conduct full length timed tests and provide feedback to the students’ on their performance to monitor their progress

Step 5:  We have special score-boosting strategy sessions before the actual ACT exams

These proven Ivy Aspire ACT steps helps students improve their ACT scores and we promise them continued support as they prepare for the ACT.


  • Mobile App to making learning fun, interactive and accessible on the move
  • Small groups to ensure lots of personal attention
  • ACT shortcuts & time-saving strategies for a guaranteed score boost
  • 100% of our students improved their score from 2 – 14 points with Ivy Aspire
  • Faculty are experts in their field, trained in the American style of teaching with slides and  interaction which ensure student engagement

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