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Career Counselling Services


Services offered to Corporates

You train your employees to excel in their job. Now provide them the training to get into their dream higher educational institution! Ivy Aspire offers dedicated resources to come to your office / campus, and train your employees to excel in whatever they aspire.

Aptitude Testing and Psychometrics: Pre-screening for candidates has become essential for certain roles. Psychometrics allows employees to test candidates’ mental make-up prior to joining.

Test Preparation: We offer corporate group discounts, and the flexibility of training after or before hours in the comfort of their own office. Choose from our courses in GRE or GMAT, or customized courses (Ask us more!)

Counseling: We counsel for admissions into various higher educations. We also offer third-party independent counsel for careers, and our career advancement courses are a must for the up-and-coming organization to groom their future leaders.

Services offered to Schools

Ivy Aspire is one of the sought after consultants for schools. We provide end-to-end services to your students:

Aptitude Testing: Typically catering to students first in their 7th / 8th standard, which allows them to choose between Arts, Humanities, or Science, and to understand their strengths and weaknesses. Administered once again in the 10th / 11th standard, to allow students to choose their careers based on their aptitude.

Counseling: Students are unsure about the choices they need to make in order to pursue the career of their dreams. More importantly, they are not clear about the steps they need to take in order to achieve their dreams. This is where we come in. We provide independent advice on what needs to be done in order to get into that dream college, as the first step towards an amazing career.

Testing: SAT is probably the first international standardized test most of your students will take – help your students make it count. Our testing modules are customized to build upon the concepts learned in school, and allow enough practice so that the students maximize their score.

Services offered to Colleges

Aptitude Testing: Help your students understand their aptitude, and their fit for their chosen path of study, and career. Our counselors help interpret their scores, and advise them on courses of action, especially with regards to career or higher education options.

Testing: GMAT, GRE and SAT are the entry point for various colleges. Our proven testing department can assist your students in preparing for the next step in their education!

Counseling: Whether it is higher education or career advice, our counselors will supplement your college counselors, and provide independent third-party advice that is compelling, and actionable.

Interview Preparation: Help your career advancement / placements supplement its resources with our rich alumni pool. We bring our resources, and our experiences with college interviews to provide a focused approach to getting results — we provide mock interviews, video-taped sessions, interview tips and etiquette, and thorough feedback mechanisms. Our team is easily the best in the industry for this. Come maximize your students’ potential!