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How much does it cost to take the ACT exam?

Understanding the ACT Exam cost –

ACT Exam Cost


The ACT with no writing component costs $46, whereas the ACT with a writing component costs $62.50. However, there is an additional international testing fee of $57.50. As most Indian students tend to opt for the writing component as well, the total fee is $120, which is ~INR 7700 based on the current exchange rate. Do note – Other fees may apply depending upon the situation.

There are also the usual fees for sending score reports to additional schools (you are eligible to send the score reports to 4 schools for free).

Current ACT Fees are published on their website. In case you have any other doubts about the ACT test, reach out to us!


Contact us - ACT Exam cost

Contact Us – The ACT Exam Cost

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