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Do I have to report all of my ACT scores, or can I choose which ACT scores to report?

Reporting ACT Scores

The answer depends on the school(s) to which you want to apply. ACT will allow you to report any or all test scores. (You may not, however, choose the reading score from one test date and the math score from another test date, for example, to make a “superscore”.) For example, suppose you take the regular ACT exam twice. You could report only the scores from the one test date that you feel is your best score. However, each college and university can set its own policy for the scores. College A may leave the choice up to you as to which scores to send, whereas University B may want to see all of your scores. Note that this is essentially done on an honor system, since ACT, will allow you to delete the score for a particular ACT test date from your record.


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