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What math do I have to know for the ACT test? Is it advanced math?

Understanding the Math ACT test –

ACT – Math

Most high schools cover most of the topics covered by the ACT Math Test. These topics are often covered before the 11th grade. Almost all high school students will cover the topics found in the ACT Math Test. So, there are no questions about the more advanced math concepts typically found in the pre-calculus or the calculus courses. However, the more you have advanced in math in high school, the more likely you are to be well prepared for the ACT Math test.

Here is how the ACT Math breaks down on the ACT test(60 questions total). You can find the break up of the Math ACT test below. A total of 60 questions

  • (14 questions – 23%) Pre-Algebra

    • integers
    • fractions
    • ratios
    • percents
    • basic probability
    • counting
    • basic statistics
    • charts, …
  • (14 questions – 23%) Plane Geometry

    • triangles
    • rectangles
    • trapezoids
    • angles
    • perimeter
    • area
    • volume, …
  • (10 questions – 17%) Basic Algebra

    • solving and simplifying expressions
    • factoring, basic inequalities
    • integer exponents
    • square roots …
  • (9 questions – 15%) Intermediate Algebra

    • quadratic formula
    • radical expressions
    • absolute value with inequalities’
    • functions
    • matrics
    • complex numbers
    • roots of polynomials, …
  • (9 questions – 15%) Coordinate Geometry

    • number lines graphs
    • graphs of equations of lines and circles and comics
    • distance
    • midpoint
    • transformations, …
  • (4 questions – 7%) Trigonometry

    • properties and graphs of the six trigonometric functions
    • basic identities
    • basic trigonometric equations


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