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How will Ivy Aspire help me in my GMAT?

Ivy Aspire has proven track records in helping aspirants score as high as 790 in their GMAT exam through our innovative approach


Coaching Sessions:
1. Insight sessions to practice real GMAT questions in timed conditions with explanations by top Faculty resulting in MAXIMUM SCORE BOOST!
a. Diagnose students areas of weakness
b. Questions are timed to teach time management for actual GMAT
c. Questions are arranged by sub-type ( Verbal SC – subject – verbal agreement, Math – Algebra) to help a student work on weakness
d. Mixed bag questions are covered to help students prepare for actual GMAT
e. Detailed answer explanations are provided
f. Incorrect answer explanations are shared as this help students understand concepts better
g. Doubt clearing

2. Batch size of <15 students at the maximum. This helps in paying individual attention to each student’s strength and weakness.

3. Materials provided by Ivy Aspire are more than enough for students to score 700+. Ivy Aspires’ manual is prepared by our highly experienced faculty. You don’t need any additional books.

4. All our faculty have taken GMAT themselves and scored 700+ in their exam. They know what it takes to score 700+. Visit our web site to know our students testimonials