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What is MBA Application counseling process?

MBA Application counseling process


Ivy Aspire MBA application counseling services help students in an end-to-end process of applying for his/her master course in their chosen colleges.

The following are included in the ACS:

1. Evaluate Your Profile and discuss your chances of acceptance to various colleges
2. Shortlist Colleges based on your profile and unique criteria (budget, job after graduation, location, the strength of program, etc)
3. Create and Edit a Resume for colleges – this is different from a standard work resume
4. Essay Intensive Assistance: a. Essay workshop on do’s and don’ts b. Analyzing past successful essays c. Provide you with detailed essay structure d. Edit the essays substantially – all editing is done by Shaista Baljee & Keshav Baljee (ISB and Wharton Grads) and also shared with college-specific alumni and industry experts for inputs e. Letters of Recommendation guidance f. Guidance with Financial Documents, Transcripts, Application forms, and additional documents g. Interview guidance – databank of frequently asked questions and Mock interviews h. Follow up with colleges to ensure your application is expedited i. Visa, Bank Loans, Housing and transition to college life