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GMAT test strategies and GMAT prep help

GMAT Test Stratergies


The GMAT test is designed not to test what you know, but to test how you think. Keeping this in mind, Ivy Aspire has designed GMAT coaching session which will prepare you to score 700+ in your first attempt itself.

At Ivy Aspire, we have proven track record of scoring as high as 790 in the GMAT exam. The coaching is designed keeping in mind as what is expected in the exam.

  • All aspirants who enroll with us will be diagnosed before he starts his classes. This helps the faculty to know each individual students strength and weakness. End of each session, the customized homework is given based on their opportunities area for each individual.
  • GMAT Coaching is focused on GMAT test strategies to help you neat the GMAT and score 700+. This involved Math shortcuts to solve problems in 30 seconds and less. Special focus on the Verbal section to teach you to think alike the GMAT and give you many strategies to boost your score.
  • Practice questions in the Ivy Aspire Manually is designed by our USA faculty and helps students to know how the questions would be in the actual GMAT.
  • Students are asked to take full GMAT test once in a week during the training till he is ready to take the final test.
  • We offer special additional score boosting classes to help students get an addition 50+ point score boost!

Other things you should keep in mind while preparing for GMAT test:

  • Test is designed to know how you think, so questions are given on your level of knowledge as it progress. It starts with low level difficulties to high level difficulties. If you answer incorrectly at the lower level, the chances of scoring high are very low.
  • It’s a time based test, each session has time allocated to it. It does not give you options to skip the question now and come back later to answer. So it’s very important to answer in timely manner and avoid any unanswered questions. Unanswered questions cost you more than wrongly answered questions.
  • Test duration is 3. 30 – 4 hrs depending on your optional breaks in between each session. So practice as much as you can by taking full tests before you appear for final test
  • Plan well in advance about the GMAT exam date and start preparing yourself 10 – 12 weeks well in advance to avoid taking test multiple time