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Give me a good reason to choose Ivy Aspire compared to others in the market?

We can give you 5 good reasons why you should choose Ivy Aspire for your Masters


1. Success stories and scholarships – Our test preparation department has achieved the highest scores in the industry due to our top faculty, small class sizes and USA based strategy cell. Our application counseling department has sent students to all the Ivy League Colleges, the top UK colleges and top colleges all around the world. We have secured the highest number and value of scholarships in the industry. We have also helped many students secure FULL SCHOLARSHIPS too!

2. Work one-on-one with the experts – In our counseling program you work directly with Ivy League alumni, who counsel you throughout the process. This one-to-one interaction is not available anywhere else.

3. Ivy Connect – Our network of Ivy Aspire Alumni and associates cover all the top colleges worldwide. Wherever you choose to apply, we will put you in touch with real students or alumni of those colleges – get help from those who’ve done exactly what you want to achieve!

4. The Insider’s Perspective – We’ve studied at the Ivy Leagues ourselves, and interviewed students for them. We can give you the insider’s perspective to test-preparation or applications as we’ve been there, done that.

5. End-to-end program – We help students choose a course of study, prepare for the standardized tests required to get there, and guide them through the entire application and interview process. All of this, under one roof, from the best experts in the field