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I am confused, which one should I prefer New SAT vs ACT?

The notion that between SAT vs ACT that one is easier than the other is not true. In some key areas (no guessing penalty, essay optional, charts/graphs, vocab, and grammar in context) the SAT has moved closer to the ACT test but the mantra of the SAT test remains somewhat unchanged. It is a critical thinking test. Those students who might have chosen the old SAT would still be making a good choice with the new SAT test. They might even have an easier time considering that the essay is now optional and the guessing penalty is gone. These two things may not make the content easier but will certainly make the test less draining and stress-inducing. It is important to remember that both tests have their pros and cons, and find what is best suited to you.

Our Advice for SAT vs ACT

Our general advice would be to take an ACT test and SAT test sample paper. See which test is easier for you and then decide.



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