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Ivy Aspire’s SAT Classes Pedagogy


Ivy Aspire’s SAT classes are geared towards high performance using a combination of strong conceptual understanding, innovative problem-solving techniques and timed practice and simulation of test like conditions.


Average improvement with Ivy Aspire

Our Score card


10% of our students score 1530+/ 1600

80% of our students score 1400+/ 1600

100% of our students saw their score improve by at least 100- 300 points


Our thorough 5 step process ensures students achieve the highest scores


Step 1: We begin the course with a diagnostic test, based on which we give you a detailed report of your strengths and weakness.

We also give you a customized study schedule with pre-class, in-class and post-class work along with all the requisite material (including Ivy Aspire manuals) to help you learn key concepts and familiarize yourself with the exam format and common question types.

Step 2: The Classroom components of the course consist of 3 parts:

  • Conceptual Clarity: We work with you to ensure your basics are strong and that you develop a solid foundation in all SAT concepts enabling you to progress rapidly from solving simpler questions to the more complex ones. This will help you in your schoolwork as well!
  • SAT Strategies – We focus on SAT specific shortcuts and tricks to help you crack this special test while adhering to time guidelines. It is these well-researched strategies that differentiate Ivy Aspire and help our students score 1500+ / 1600 on the SAT
  • Practice – We have customized practice questions that help you apply the learning in class to improve your score.

Step 3: After we complete a SAT section, we conduct sectional tests to monitor your progress and provide timely feedback and guidance.

Step 4: Upon completion of the classroom component, we conduct full length timed practice tests to simulate real testing conditions and provide detailed analysis of your performance. This helps you improve your score continuously

Step 5:  We have special score boosting sessions close to actual SAT exam dates to give your score that final push which could enhance your score by 50-100 points.
We promise continued support to our students until they achieve the score that helps them maximize their potential.

The Ivy Aspire SAT advantage:

  • Class content development and teaching is undertaken by Ivy League graduates as well as SAT certified trainers
  • A dedicator mentor to follow up on student progress bi-weekly
  • Faculty with over 10+ years of SAT teaching experience
  • We focus on SAT strategies and this gives students a score improvement in the shortest time
  • Mobile app and unlimited resources to support learning
  • Personal attention and customized homework due to small group sessions
  • Interactive style of teaching making the classes fun


Counselling & Support after your SAT Exam


The SAT is only one component of your college application – your high school GPA, academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, extracurricular activities, essays and interviews contribute significantly to your application. We help students not only with the SAT prep but also with the entire gamut of application activities that one has to undertake for a successful college application.


Five Tips to Improve Your SAT Score


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