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Ivy Aspire’s SAT Classes Pedagogy

Ivy Aspire’s SAT classes are geared towards high performance using a combination of strong conceptual understanding, innovative problem-solving techniques, and timed practice and simulation of test-like conditions.

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Average improvement with Ivy Aspire

Our Scorecard

  • 10% of our students score 1530+/ 1600
  • 80% of our students score 1400+/ 1600
  • 100% of our students saw their score improve by at least 100- 300 points


Our thorough 5 step process ensures students achieve the highest scores


Step 1

We customize the course to your level. We work with your child to progress through 5 levels (novice to expert levels) to achieve a 1500+score in the first attempt.

Step 2

Next, we begin the instruction part of the course which is divided into:

  • CONCEPT TEACHING – To attempt the tougher questions with ease.
  • SAT STRATEGIES TM – SAT-specific score boosting and time-saving strategies with pattern recognition and shortcuts.
  • SAT CLINICS TM -In-class practice of real SAT questions in timed sessions with explanations by top faculty resulting in maximum score boost!
  • WORDS THAT MATTER- Review new words that are frequently found on the latest SATs.
  • New SAT INSIGHTS – Techniques and 1000+ question bank to master the SAT.
  • WEEKLY READING ASSIGNMENTS – To improve your English reading for both the SAT and regular language use.

Step 3

20 sectional tests to monitor your score improvement and guide you for further improvement.

Step 4


Step 5

Full-length timed tests and feedback to students based on their performance. Each full-length test is tagged to a level of difficulty that will help the student take on challenging tests to ace even the hardest SAT paper on test day.  Score boosting strategy sessions to solidify concepts and to give you a score boost before actual SAT exams.


The Ivy Aspire SAT advantage:

  • Latest up-to-date Content by University of Pennsylvania (Ivy League) Graduates
  • SAT Certified Trainers and Experienced Faculty with Masters in English and Math
  • Detailed Analytics on student performance and areas of improvement
  • A dedicated mentor to follow up on student progress.
  • Personal attention with structured homework and mentoring.
  • Mobile App for on-the-go learning.
  • Score Booster Workshops
  • 1000+ SAT approved practice questions


Choose what works for you!

Group Sessions

  • Course Duration – 150+ hours
  • Diagnostic test
  • 44 hours of evidence-based reading & writing section (14 hours of instruction and 30 hours of practice)
  • 44 hours math section (14 hours of instruction and 30 hours of practice)
  • 10 full-length tests with feedback
  • 2 doubt clearing sessions
  • Review sessions & online workshop

Premium Sessions

(this is a one-on-one session designed for individual attention for the biggest score boost)

  • Course Duration – 200+ hours
  • 50 hours of evidence-based reading & writing section (16 hours of instruction and 35 hours of practice)
  • 50 hours Math section (14 hours of instruction and 30 hours of practice)
  • 20 full-length tests with feedback
  • 4 proctored full-length tests with feedback
  • 8 doubt clearing sessions
  • Review sessions & online workshops
  • Course days – Flexible, based on the students’ schedule (1.5 – 2 hour sessions)


Counseling & Support after your SAT Exam

The SAT is only one component of your college application – your high school GPA, academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, extracurricular activities, essays, and interviews contribute significantly to your application. We help students not only with the SAT prep but also with the entire gamut of application activities that one has to undertake for a successful college application.


Ivy Aspire SAT Top Scores


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