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What if I take the ACT test and mess up?

Understanding what if you take the ACT test and mess up –

Retaking the ACT

If you would like to remove ACT scores from your records, you must submit a letter requesting to delete your score.

Keep in mind also that there is no limit to the number of times you can retake the ACT test. The colleges of your choice will ONLY see the score you choose to send.


However, in case you feel like there could be an error in scoring there is a simple solution. Your first order of business if you suspect a mistake is to order a copy of your ACT exam answers, the answer key, your essay, and the rubric used to grade your essay through the Test Information Release (TIR) form.

Contact us -  What to do if you take ACT test and mess up

Contact Us – What to do if you take ACT test and mess up

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