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How is the performance/ improvements tracked?

Ivy Aspire Performance Tracking

1. At Ivy Aspire, when the students enroll for the SAT classes, they will be asked to take an Ivy Aspire diagnostic test. This will give us an idea of his or her strength and weakness. Once we have mapped the results of the test, we create a personalized report and study plan. This will then be shared with the Parents and students.

2. Students will get a detailed schedule along with days when the classes and tests conducted. Post each SAT test; a report will be shared with the parents and students as to how they are progressing from day one. If we see there are no major improvements from the previous test, then students will go through one-on-one counseling to understand where he/she needs more help.


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For any general information about the Ivy Aspire SAT program, you can visit our page. For more information about the out SAT performance tracking, teaching methods, and strategies, or for any other assistance that you may need, you can contact us either by calling us at 8880001177 or you can mail us at [email protected] Our counselors would be happy to answer your queries.

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