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What is the Ivy Aspire Advantage for the SAT?

We have a 100% acceptance rate! 80% of our students earn scholarships.

Work directly with Ivy League graduates!

The Ivy Aspire SAT advantage (a quick summary)

  • Class content development and teaching is undertaken by Ivy League graduates as well as SAT certified trainers
  • Small batch sizes per sessions
  • A dedicator mentor to follow up on student progress bi-weekly
  • Our faculty has over 10 years of SAT teaching experience
  • We are focused on SAT strategies to give our students the most score improvement in the shortest time
  • A mobile app and unlimited resources to support learning
  • More personal attention and customized homework
  • An interactive style of teaching making the classes more fun


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For general information about the Ivy Aspire SAT program, you can visit our page. Also for more information about how the Ivy Aspire advantage, or for other assistance, you can contact us either by calling us at 8880001177 or you can mail us at [email protected] Our counselors are happy to answer your queries.

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