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What all will be covered in the SAT courses?

The Ivy Aspire Difference

A. The coursework is designed by USA-based faculty. They have actually worked with the College Board/ETS in creating the SAT. We provide all the materials you need to take the SAT.

B. We run a diagnostic test to understand each student’s weaknesses – graded by our USA faculty. The results of the tests are analyzed and we map each student’s strengths and weaknesses. We customize the course based on the analysis with rigorous work to improve one’s weaknesses.

C. Fully customized study plan and homework help each student work on weaknesses, and convert them into strengths! This guarantees a 200 point score boost. Our faculty conduct routine tests to help monitor the students.

D. Innovative class structure
a. Concept Teaching – We make sure your basics are strong which helps to better tackle the tougher questions. This also helps you with your schoolwork.
b. Strategy for the SAT – We teach you the tips and tricks to finish faster and top-score!
c. In-class practice –  Our top-scoring faculty ensures all your doubts are cleared!

E.  USA faculty designs our course content, and it is constantly updated by the USA based strategy-cell. We are 100% compliant with the College board guidelines, and the latest SAT test updates

F. Vocabulary Building – Learning thousands of new words in a short span of time is hard! We make it easy with special mnemonic techniques and fun games ensuring better recall! This is unique to Ivy Aspire!

G. We offer 150+ hours of classroom sessions. We also conduct 15 full-length official practice tests. In addition, we also offer accelerated courses and even customized one-on-one courses.

H. We have a special score boosting session close to the  SAT exam dates. This gives your score that final push!

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