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Where can I get more info about GRE?

More about the GRE


Ivy Aspire is one of the leading education consultancies in India. We provide coaching and counseling for students looking for GRE. At Ivy Aspire you will work directly with Shaista Baljee and Keshav Baljee who have graduated from ISB and Wharton and been accepted to top colleges worldwide! Not only have they been accepted to your dream colleges they have also served on the admission committees of top colleges so they truly know what it takes to get accepted to your dream school. They have the best acceptance rate of any counselor in the industry and have the highest number of scholarships too. It is no surprise then that our students recommend them to all their friends and have happily given video testimonials to share their great experience. Please visit our website to view testimonials and for more info  Also, you can get more info about GRE from their official web site


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For any general information about the Ivy Aspire GRE program, you can visit our page. Also for more information about the test scores or any other assistance, you can contact us either by calling us at 8880001177 or you can mail us at [email protected] Our counselors would be happy to answer your queries.

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