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Sunday, June 22nd 2014
11am - 12:30pm


Hotel Royal Orchid,
1 Golf Avenue,



To learn more about the workshop you can contact our Senior Counselors on 8880001177


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A must-attend workshop for any high school student looking to study abroad!

Ivy Aspire has mentored students to gain acceptance to top colleges globally

In the USA:  Harvard, MIT, University of California – Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon, Stanford, Northwestern, Columbia, UPenn, University of Michigan, NYU, Parson, RISD. In the UK Oxford Cambridge ,Warwick, Imperial, University College of London. In Asia National University of Singapore, Nanyang, SMU, HKUST, HKU.

In the workshop we will help you work toward your goal of getting into a top-tier univerity

1. Crucial mistakes to avoid from grade 9 onward

2. What admissions committees REALLY look for

3. How to plan your high school years

4. Demystify the admissions process and debunk myths

5. How to ensure you stand out in a competitive applicant pool


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