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Ivy Aspire is the only counseling service where you work directly with Ivy League graduates – not with assistant counselors, or counselors who haven’t been abroad.

We have an unmatched record of success sending students to the Ivy Leagues and top ranked schools across the UK, USA, Canada and Singapore. We have also helped our students secure a record number of scholarships in the last few years. This year alone, we have secured over $1.6 million dollars in scholarships for our students.

We have created history this year by sending the first Indian girl ever to the Hunstman Program, at the University of Pennsylvania. This is one of the most competitive programs which accepts only 45 students per year globally. The Hunstman program offers a dual degree at Wharton (in business) and the College of Arts and Science (in International Relations).

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Aptitude Testing

A lot of students are not sure about which career to pursue, and this makes the college application process a lot more stressful. Ivy Aspire’s aptitude testing program distinctly identifies each student’s interests and potential careers. This focusses the energies of the student towards a clear goal, and provides immense relief to parents as well!

Profile Building

Getting into a top-tier college or securing a scholarship is not easy. The applicant pools are extremely competitive today. Many of your classmates have similar profiles, activities and grades. What makes you different? What makes you stand out? While serving on the admissions committees, we have scanned through thousands of profiles – we can help you create a profile that will make the admissions committees give it special attention. This not only involves writing a good resume, it involves actually identifying and doing the special projects that will make your good resume great!

Applications Counseling

We have studied at the Ivy Leagues, and have served on the admissions and interview committees where we have reviewed thousands of applications and selected them for admission! With our unmatched knowledge and expertise we will help you get accepted to your dream school! In this process, we:

  • Shortlist colleges based on your profile and unique considerations
  • Help you write effective essays
  • Help you draft a perfect resume
  • Assist you with your letters of recommendation
  • Help you plan the standardized tests you need to take
  • Apply for scholarships to colleges
  • Guide you in filling the application forms and prepare all the documentation required for application
  • Prepare you for the interviews conducted by schools
  • Follow up with your schools to ensure that your applications are expedited
  • Choose the right school for you, once you are admitted into several schools
  • Visa help and college preparation