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Community Involvement



Diya Shivdasani – Green Wave


My name is Diya Shivdasani, I’m a 12th-grade student at the Cathedral & John Connon school Mumbai.
I began this project about a year ago, to promote recycled stationery after brainstorming with Ms.
Shaista and my mother.
“Change will not come if we wait for some other person, or if we wait for some other time.

We are the ones we&’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”
― Barack Obama

I was motivated to begin this initiative and spread it as far as possible, as I’m very involved
with my community and hope to make a change. Cutting down trees is going to be harmful
to our progeny as they are essential for all living beings to survive. They are as important as
food and water. In India, more than one lakh trees are getting cut each year, simply to make
pencils, so we can only imagine how many trees are being cut worldwide.

It is imperative that WE stop this, or at least try to reduce this practice to start seeing a
difference. I’ve tied up with this company named WOODWISE who produces these recycled
pencils. I’ve spread the word to several firms and coaxed them to use this product.

I’ve distributed the pencils to an underprivileged school in Gujarat and a Municipal school in
Bombay and managed to get them an affordable rate in hope that they will begin to use this.
Our partners are well-established companies like Shaze, Simone Ventures Pvt Ltd, Shilpa K,
Balaji Telefilms, Alt Balaji, Shilpa K, My future plans are to spread this initiative to the majority
of firms and schools in Bombay, and expand to many more organisations throughout India.



Kavya- Arram

I am Kaavya, the founder of
 a nonprofit organization,  Arram, whose purpose is to keep poor children healthy and happy. A few simple items when provided can change the health of a child in need. Over 3 years, Arram distributed over a 350 Helping Bags to 200children across Bangalore.

Helping Bag contains a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo & coconut oil. We have taught children how to use these items as well as monitor their health improvement. We have also adopted a humble dwelling (slum), taught women about menstrual health & distributed several helping bags. 

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Vishnu Sangli – Teaching


Vishnu Sangli teaching high school students at Agara Government School the experiments on Center of Gravity

I founded this non-profit organization to educate middle and elementary school children about Yoga and its health benefits. I taught Yoga exercises to children in Government schools in Agara, Bengaluru, which resulted in improved attendance and focus among middle school children.

To instill interest in science among children, I devised a number of experiments, provided an explanation of science and math concepts as individual modules. I taught middle school and high school students of Government School, Agara, Bengaluru, many “hands-on” experiments backed with scientific explanations.

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Siddhant Nahar


Currently pursuing higher education, Siddhant, has always displayed his passion and intellect in business. Inspired and mentored by his father, Rahul Nahar, who has never failed to show his excellence as an entrepreneur and owner of many large companies. Having grown up amongst like-minded people, Siddhant’s passion for business became even larger as he started to develop his own company at the very age of 17.

Sujan Nahar


Currently pursuing higher education. Having grown up in an I.T background, he has always been experimenting with gadgets. Sujan’s passion for business, technology, and 3D-printing became even larger as he started to develop his own company at the very age of 16. Sujan is on his way to upgrade his knowledge with this startup and a few courses in ethical hacking.

Neel Kothari


Professionalism to a tee, great creativity, and never without a smile, Neel Kothari is a true asset to the growing 3 Dimensions team. His knowledge in engineering has truly helped 3 Dimensions pick its momentum. He is currently pursuing higher education, and is on his way to upgrade his knowledge in the field of engineering!

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