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Master’s Programs | Grad School Programs


Getting a graduate degree (master’s degree) is always an excellent idea. There could be many reasons you choose to do it – more learning in your desired field, better job opportunities, ability to change countries of work, signalling to potential employees or clients, amongst others!

We would love to engage with you and ensure your Master’s dream is fulfilled.

We work one-on-one with you – where a highly educated and trained counselor will guide you on choosing a course of study, shortlist appropriate colleges, advise you on tests and prerequisites, help you work on your application to present your best self, and finally help you choose which college to go to amongst your many offers!

We work on all Master’s Programs, across the world! Contact us at [email protected] or fill in the form here to know more


Choosing a Course of Study

Master’s Programs are a terrific place to either further what you’ve learned in your undergraduate programs, or learn at a higher level what you are practising at work. In select cases you may be able to apply to programs in your intended field of works as well.

There are several reasons to choose to study Master’s programs abroad, and not in India. Some of them include better facilities, better research access, better job prospects, better campuses. Some other reasons are – living away from home and growing as a result of it, getting exposure to a foreign country, culture and language.

Shortlisting Appropriate Colleges

There are many considerations Ivy aspire takes into account while shortlisting colleges which are in line with your academic goals :

  • We ensure that you are going to be academically challenged, and most importantly that you are well suited for the pace of the institution
  • If you are interested in research, then we will ensure we will focus on colleges at the cutting edge of their fields, and which are research-first
  • Colleges that have great grants in your field of study will be preferred
  • We will help you reach out to professors to understand the current research areas, and where they need research assistants
  • If you are looking at doing a PhD at a later stage, colleges where this is offered, and encouraged will be preferred. Many Ivy Aspire students have gone on to do their doctorates and have made us incredibly proud!
Job Prospects
  • The world is changing with Brexit in the UK and Donald Trump in the USA making people re-evaluate their post Master’s job prospects
  • We help you choose colleges and countries where you can thrive
  • We carefully evaluate the recruiting pools in each college, and map out an ideal career path for you
  • The average Master’s graduate gets a significant boost in income if you are working in the same country in which you studied. If you choose to return to India, Ivy Aspire can help you get an internship in the field of your studies!
  • Cost is a major consideration for everyone
  • If you are looking for financial aid we will advise you on the documents needed, and  advise you what are the various factors to consider before putting in a financial aid application
  • We are a leader in securing scholarships with tens of millions in awards thus far, and we understand how to maximise your chances of mitigating the cost of your dream program
  • Loans – We have ample local tie-ups for you to explore availing of rupee loans towards your Master’s Courses, or even tie-ups in various countries to direct you to. Loan without collateral is another subject matter we can guide on
  • Country : Which country to choose to go to – this depends on so many factors, which we will ascertain using our questionnaire and in-person counselling sessions
  • Rural / Urban / Rurban: We guide you basis the kind of person you are, and what learning and living environment you are looking for
  • Large vs Small College: There are many considerations in class sizes, resources available, cohort quality and the like that we consider to ensure we are able to guide you correctly in this aspect

We work on all Master’s Programs, across the world! Contact us at [email protected] or fill in the form above to learn more.

Application Assistance

  • After choosing which colleges to shortlist, we will help you work out a plan of action – with a list of action-items to do before the various college deadlines
  • If you need test-preparation help for the GRE the IELTS or the TOEFL do know that Ivy Aspire has some of the best coaching reputations in the country, with one-on-one programs and small group classes
  • We will help you brain-storm ideas for your essays
  • We proofread your drafts to ensure they truly represent you in your best light. Your essays should reflect your uniqueness, and we are careful to ensure your essence is what shines!
  • Having Ivy Aspire by your side is the best assurance that you will achieve your dream Master’s admit

Costs of Master’s Programs

  • Master’s programs vary in costs, but most of them range between Rs 10-40 lacs
  • In the UK, Master’s programs are one year in length, and they are two years in length in the USA
  • In addition to tuition fees, you also have to take living, travelling expenses into account
  • We actively take into account your budgets to ensure we are applying to those colleges that are in our set of possibilities
  • We have ways to mitigate the the cost of the Master’s programs with great Financial Aid Assistance, Loans Assistance and Scholarship for Master’s Guidance
Contact us at [email protected] to learn more about our assistance with Scholarships, Financial Aid, Loans and other ways to afford the investment of a Master’s Program. 

Ivy Aspire Advantage – Best Master’s Counseling Program

Ivy Aspire is the best Master’s Counseling Program for you. We are :
  • Personalised
    • No two students are alike! No two colleges are alike as well! This is why Ivy Aspire personalises the counseling program to suit your needs, and ensure we are 100% behind you to succeed
  • Focused on Results
    • Nearly 95% of our Master’s students get into their dream colleges! We are proud of our decade-long multi-city record !
    • We ensure you are able to apply to carefully curated list of colleges to maximise your chances of admission into the college of your dreams
    • Nearly 80% of eligible Ivy Aspire candidates have got scholarships, and we are proud of our impeccable track record in getting full scholarships
  • Keep your Long Term Goals in Mind
    • Thinking long-term is best! At Ivy Aspire we ensure we are looking out for your long term success. We ensure this program is suited for you as it is a large investment of your time and money.
    • We do not encourage our students to go to sub-standard programs which will not result in any net gain.
    • We also do not work on a commission model with colleges unlike many of our peers, so we are 100% aligned with your needs!

We work on all Master’s Programs, across the world! Contact us at [email protected] or fill in the form above to learn more.

The GRE for Master’s Programs

  • The GRE (Graduate Record Exam) is offered by ETS and is the most accepted standardised test for the Master’s Program
  • We can advise if you need the GRE or not based on the colleges we shortlist for you
  • We have a strong GRE practise where we provide one-on-one classes to ensure you ace the GRE and maximise your chances to get scholarships and admissions to your dream college
  • We also help with tips and tricks to battle exam stress and anxiety

Master’s in Engineering | Master’s in Science

  • No matter what Engineering or Science fields you are looking at pursuing, we have worked with similar students in our decade long experience with sending students to the best Master’s Programs abroad
  • We can evaluate your undergraduate coursework, and evaluate your fitment for the right program for you!

Contact us now and speak to Counselors with experience in Engineering Master’s Admissions. Email us on [email protected]

Master’s Program in Finance | MS in Finance

  • A Master’s Program in Finance is a terrific alternative to an MBA if you are clear that you want to pursue only Finance going forward
  • Whether you want to work at a FinTech Startup, in the Stock or Bond Markets, Work on Options Trading, or at an Investment Bank, Private Equity or Venture Capital Firm, a Master’s (MS Program) in Finance is the right choice for many people
  • Choosing the right college becomes critical to ensure you can get placed in your ideal job, or pursue further studies towards a PhD

Master’s Program in UK

  • The one-year Master’s program in the UK is preferred by many
  • Ivy Aspire has sent students to some of the top UK colleges like Warwick, King’s College, Oxford, Cambridge, Hult, Imperial College, amongst others
  • The UK is going through a challenging year due to Brexit – however this may also be a less competitive year to apply to the UK for a Master’s program! Talk to us about application strategy and whether applying in the year of Brexit is wise for you
  • Working in the UK post a Master’s Program has various considerations and the laws are changing in this regard. Ivy Aspire will help decode the various challenges and assess your likelihood of getting jobs post graduation!

Master’s Progam in the USA

  • The USA Master’s programs are typically two years long
  • The USA typically requires the GRE for most of is Master’s Programs
  • Ivy Aspire has the best track record for getting candidates into the USA Master’s Courses
  • Despite the issues surrounding immigration currently, and the various noises made by USA President Donald Trump, we can advise you to ensure you succeed in your quest to do a Master’s in the USA

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