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New SAT Classes in Bangalore!


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We work closely with a number of schools in Bangalore like Indus International and the Canadian School and have taught students from all top schools including Mallya Aditi, TISB, Inventure, Greenwood, Bangalore International, NAFL, Vidya Shilp and many others.


The Ivy Aspire Difference:

  • Coursework that is designed by USA-based faculty, who are actually working with the College Board who are helping in creating the new SAT. We provide all the materials you need to take the new SAT.
  • Diagnostic test to understand each student’s weaknesses – graded by our USA faculty, this is analyzed to ensure each student’s strengths and weaknesses are mapped. The course is customized with rigorous work to improve one’s weaknesses
  • Fully customized study plan and homework to help each student work on weaknesses, and convert them into strengths!
  • Innovative class structure :
    • Concept Teaching – We make sure your basics are strong, to better tackle the tougher questions. This will help you in your schoolwork as well!
    • Strategy for the SAT – We teach you the tips and tricks to finish faster and top-score!
    • In-class practice – We ensure your doubts are cleared immediately by our top-scoring faculty!
  • All course content is designed by USA faculty and constantly updated by USA based strategy-cell – we are 100% compliant with the College board guidelines, and latest SAT test updates
  • 50+ hours of class room sessions, including 5 full length official practice tests

What is the New SAT – Quick Facts


New SAT Facts


Revised New SAT Test Length and Timing


New SAT Test Length and Timing


New SAT Vs Old SAT Comparison Chart



New SAT vs Old SAT Comparison Chart



SAT Subject Classes:

Ivy Aspire students have achieved the highest score on the SAT Subjects: perfect 800/800 in Math Level I & II, Physics, Chemistry, and an average score of 760/800 across all our classes so far.


SAT Subjects we offer coaching for:

  • Math Level 1
  • Math Level 2
  • Physics
  • Chemistry


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Accelerated courses, and customized one-on-one courses are also offered. Do contact us for more information on those. We provide the best prep classes for the New SAT in Bangalore!